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Setting IP Address

Setting IP Address - Hallo sahabat tambah wawasan .com, kali ini admin tambah wawasan akan membagikan tutorial yang berjudul " Setting IP Address ", saya telah menyediakan beberapa cara atau langkah-langkah "Setting IP Address yang sudah admin coba sendiri. mudah-mudahan isi postingan Setting IP Address yang saya tulis ini dapat anda pahami. okelah, ini dia tutorialnya.

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Setting IP Address

How To Setting IP Address?..

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How IP Addresses Are Assigned

Every computer connected to the Internet has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. You will need a specific IP address for your network connection to work. What IP addresses you can use, and whether you need place it in your computer's configuration, depends on how you connect to the Internet and, if you have one, how you connect to your local network. Dial-up and most residential DSL accounts assign your IP address automatically.
Business and some SOHO* accounts are set up to share a single outside IP address with an entire local network through NAT**. In this case your router will have a SpeedGate-assigned IP address, and your computer will connect to the local network. Local networks are usually set up in one of the following ranges (contact your network administrator for more information):
If you have a single-computer residential DSL connection, but more than one computer, you can purchase a broadband router at many computer stores. Most of these will automatically assign an IP address to each computer on your local network. (See your router documentation for more details.)
* SOHO = Small Or Home Office
** NAT = Network Address Translation
Note: If you are not a SpeedGate customer, please contact your network administrator or your ISP to determine what IP address or addresses you can use.

Using IP Blocks

You can share up to 253 computers on a NAT connection, but they will all appear to have the same IP address to the outside world. If you need more than one, we can assign you a block of IP addresses.
SpeedGate allocates IP blocks in multiples of 8, starting at 0. The first IP address of your block will always be a multiple of 8. The first and last IP addresses of each block are reserved and are not available for workstations, routers, etc. The first usable IP address (a multiple of 8, plus 1) will be assigned to your router. This means that a block of 8 will have 5 IP addresses available for workstations and servers, a block of 16 will have 13 available, a block of 32 will have 29 available, etc. For example:
Example block of 8 IP addresses: - Reserved - Assigned to Router - Available - Available - Available - Available - Available - Reserved

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Sekian dulu admin tambah wawasan .com membagikan Artikel yang berjudul" Setting IP Address", mudah-mudahan bisa memberi manfaat untuk anda semua. baiklah, sekian postingan tutorial kali ini.

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